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History of the Camp

In 1964 Lion Dr. ML Crawford offered his cabin in Steamboat Springs to be used for the very first camp session. There were five girls that attended that summer; each girl was visually impaired. In 1966 several Lions signed personal notes to purchase the present location of the Colorado Lions Camp. At the 1968 State Convention, the Lions of Colorado voted to build a permanent camp. Forty acres where purchased from the Brethren in Pike National Forest just north of Woodland Park. This is where we are located today. The first year of camping was in 1969 when the first building was completed, this is our main lodge. There was room for 16 campers and 4 counselors. Today, we have room for over 50 campers and over 25 staff members.

The camp was first designed as a blind camp only. 41 years later we now serve over 350 campers with a variety of disabilities: hearing and visually impaired, Down Syndrome, Developmentally Delayed, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and many other physical and mental disabilities our campers may be challenged with.



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